Monday, October 12, 2009

I LOVE these Socks!

After visiting a friends house, I decided if her walls could talk then so can MINE !!!

Here is what it looks like in my house...can you see it over my back door. I thought this was a good place, heading out to the pool.
And here are the socks that are so very cool. Do you love them??

The heel is the cutest thing ever....

And look how cute they are on!! I had to be a contortionist to take this picture of myself !!
Anything for my viewers : )

They are the best fit ever. AND the pattern is free!! !!!

Purl can't stop meowing about them either!!!


  1. I knit the Hat Heel socks as well! They were my FIRST pair of socks and I love them!!

  2. Hey! they look really comfy!!and oh so cute!! It's about the time for nice warm socks too!