Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Finished!

And BOY do I Love it. ;-)

It's warm and cozy with lots of 'Folding' room (now that the washer and dryer sit lower).

The letters turned out perfect.

The new Accordion Dryer Shelf is a dream, I have already used it to dry my Delicates! hehehe

The awesome box style curtain expertly hides the "Uglies" !!
Oh and Purl likes to walk behind it she is my Duster !

This morning I shopped at some fav second hand stores and found some decor. This fake plant and pot-$5, the red fake Orchid-$4, sturdy red wire basket-$5 and the old looking red crock-$3!!!!!

This basket I had in the garage and it hides my huge box of detergent!

Oh and I painted the little handles red ;-)

So any time you want to come over and do a load of laundry....

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Giving the Tiny Laundry Room a New Look

Here it is folks, as little as they come!! I am standing in the Hallway, and these are the only angles I can get. It is by far the oddest shaped Laundry Room I have seen. There is No sink, but plenty of storage.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the Washer and Dryer with the Pedestal Drawers, then they sat at least a foot higher. I had them removed (Think I can sell them on Craig's List?) because I had issues with the washer. So now that they sit lower, the 'beautiful' water turn-off area and plug in--Stick out Like a Sore Thumb :-/

The service guy told me of another client that put up a Curtain to hide the 'Uglies' SO I shall do the Same!

I have decided to go with a Barn Red color scheme. Found a throw rug and valance at
J.C.Penneys. I have always loved the look of those Wooden Accordion Dryer things and found this cute small one Online at !

Then I went to Jo-Ann's craft store and bought Red and Cream Paint and the cardboard letters
"W""A""S""H". (all for $10)

I am going to try to give them the whitewash look. I can not tell you how enjoyable it was to paint those letters, does that make me weird??!?
Do you see Purl and Prancer monitoring my progress??
Hopefully tomorrow I can in list my husbands help to hang wooden shelf and curtain rod. He has been awake for over 30 hours due to a return flight from Brazil!
Stay tuned for the Ending Results ;-))
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