Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birchbox time!

What a Treat my Mail was today! I mean what girl doesn't like getting beauty products !!
Birchbox, It cost only $10 a month and I never wish I had the cash back. It's like someone out there 'Really Loves Me' and sends me random Goodies!

• I have been wanting one of these red Beautyblenders! So excited about that little cutie.
• The tiniest lipgloss that is a non-sticky gloss. I would really appreciate if this is true because I get tired of pulling my hair off my lips in the wind! It also delivers a subtle plumping effect that should last all day. ;-0
• A delightful Anti-Aging Oil that smells like dessert!!
• A tube of serum for smoother skin under your Make-up.
• And a Luna bar for a snack !!

I also ordered a couple of things from DHC.
I am gonna try out a new Mascara and Eyeliner. You always get 4 free samples from this company with each order. So I opted for a body wash and a deep conditioner for my hair. These little gems are awesome for traveling ;-))

So if you are curious about either of these awesome on-line companies, here are their sites;

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Banana-Ginger Cookies

I cut this recipe out of a Family Circle Magazine (don't fret, it was My Magazine).
Of course I have to try to 'low-carb' it somewhat, so Instead of flour I use 1cup Almond Flour and 1 cup Carbquik. No eggs in this recipe (I want to call it a pattern!). So that means the dough was quite edible and licked clean ;-)

I love nuts and my kids don't so the yellow frosting is nut-free!

I predict they will be gone in 24 hours.


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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Finished!

And BOY do I Love it. ;-)

It's warm and cozy with lots of 'Folding' room (now that the washer and dryer sit lower).

The letters turned out perfect.

The new Accordion Dryer Shelf is a dream, I have already used it to dry my Delicates! hehehe

The awesome box style curtain expertly hides the "Uglies" !!
Oh and Purl likes to walk behind it she is my Duster !

This morning I shopped at some fav second hand stores and found some decor. This fake plant and pot-$5, the red fake Orchid-$4, sturdy red wire basket-$5 and the old looking red crock-$3!!!!!

This basket I had in the garage and it hides my huge box of detergent!

Oh and I painted the little handles red ;-)

So any time you want to come over and do a load of laundry....

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Giving the Tiny Laundry Room a New Look

Here it is folks, as little as they come!! I am standing in the Hallway, and these are the only angles I can get. It is by far the oddest shaped Laundry Room I have seen. There is No sink, but plenty of storage.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the Washer and Dryer with the Pedestal Drawers, then they sat at least a foot higher. I had them removed (Think I can sell them on Craig's List?) because I had issues with the washer. So now that they sit lower, the 'beautiful' water turn-off area and plug in--Stick out Like a Sore Thumb :-/

The service guy told me of another client that put up a Curtain to hide the 'Uglies' SO I shall do the Same!

I have decided to go with a Barn Red color scheme. Found a throw rug and valance at
J.C.Penneys. I have always loved the look of those Wooden Accordion Dryer things and found this cute small one Online at Ballardsdesign.com !

Then I went to Jo-Ann's craft store and bought Red and Cream Paint and the cardboard letters
"W""A""S""H". (all for $10)

I am going to try to give them the whitewash look. I can not tell you how enjoyable it was to paint those letters, does that make me weird??!?
Do you see Purl and Prancer monitoring my progress??
Hopefully tomorrow I can in list my husbands help to hang wooden shelf and curtain rod. He has been awake for over 30 hours due to a return flight from Brazil!
Stay tuned for the Ending Results ;-))
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caffeine !!!

Have you ever tried Cold Brewed Coffee ?!?
Oh Lordy ;-))

It's is SO easy and Tastes Delightful!
I used theyummylife.com Blog for recipe, check it out!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monthly Birch Box!

Quite the Selection this Month!

I can't wait to get a boo-boo! Because these new stylish Band-aids are Gorgeous!!
An awesome Anti-Aging (how did they know?) Mask.
A new 50 SPF moisturizer to try ;-)
A Lip and Cheek Stain to play with!
And a travel pot of Bronzer.

Oddly enough, Chelsea and I had our Make-up done today by the Bobbie Brown Girls and they couldn't talk enough about me needing to wear more Bronzer, and Bam! I get some in the mail !

I will let you know how I like all these Goodies.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonderful Mother's Day

It always starts with Flowers !

These lovely white clusters of Beauty are from my Boys ! My Daughter also brought a bouquet of mixed flowers that graced our table. She also got me the cutest Ladybug Wind-chime and two Lavender items.
One of which I Had to share with You all.
Check out the Jar of Flavored Honey below........ 

                                                               Have you EVER ???
                          She knows that I am a Lavender Fanatic and this Honey takes the cake!!!

                      Now this next picture will surely make ALL My Knitting Friends quite Jealous!

I have seen these on the Internet, but never in person for to buy myself one. But Chelsea found this at a Farmers Market in Boise and Randy had her get it for me. It is sooooo coooool!  I Love It
If you do not understand the purpose of this ceramic bowl with a Swirl sliced thru it, let me tell you!  You simply put a skein of yarn in the bowl and weave the end thru and around the swirl slit, so that as you knit the ball of yarn does Not flop around on the floor and under the coffee table and around the leg and under the couch!
So Thank You to All Who Made My "Mother's Day" Special :-)

On the BB Cream Front:  I have tried two brands and they Both proceeded to break me out! not happy with this at all. I loved the coverage and how they all went on, But my skin got all choked up! I have since found a Mineral Powder makeup from L'OREAL that I love. Gawd, the things Women have to go thru to look good....

On the Knitting Front:  I am going to be 'Ripping' out the white swim suit dress....yes the one that i started over a second time.....it still is not to gauge and i am sick of trying to make that thing work.! :-P      BUT, I do have the purple shell still going and am about 6 inches up on front and back, so i am knitting the body of it now. That is what is in the gorgeous green bowl above!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty Abound!!

It's a Pink Package Mail Day!!!

One all the way from Korea!
And then the Monthly BirchBox.

I ordered a sampling of the 'Hot' BB Creams from the Korean instigators. I finally tried my first product at Sephora yesterday, I walked out loving the coverage it gave me, but found it oily after 4 hours :-(. And a few blemishes may have arrived this morning because of said 'oiliness' ;-( ;-((

Above is the BirchBox goodies, a moist tinted lip balm (I can Never have enough of these), a Fav Hand and Cuticle Salve, JR Watkins, a new day cream with Avocado oils, Taylor Swift scent "Wonderstruck" and Two loads of laundry on Dropps, their new single-use dissolving detergent packs !!

I must go Beautify myself now ;-))

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Purple Progress !

I have started the back and made it past the cute little side split lacework!

Thinking about starting the front piece, so I can work them both up simultaneously. Hmmm...

Well while I ponder that decision, I am going to start the garter waist section of my white dress.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

I needed some 'color' in my life and Purple is something that I haven't tried for myself in quite a while if ever!! And part of the reason I am attempting to give purple a try is because it was bought at a 50% off Sale from a local yarn shop that went out of business.
The things we do for a bargain !!

Prancer must watch over the whole process as usual. Bless her heart, she is going on 14 and her eyesight and hearing is slowly going. It's a cruel thing, to me she still looks like a Pup. Also Arthritis is trying to butt it's mean head in too!
OH, Sorry I am getting off subject....

Now some of you may be wondering, 'Why does she have the yarn out in the sun?'
Good question :-)
If you have ever worked with EuroFlax yarn before, you know that it is a 'bear' on the poor fingers. Very rough and stiff. Well the lovely lady I bought it from in Ontario gave me a wonderful tip, Give the yarn a good soaking first, then roll it in a towel to get moisture out then I took it into my shower and got to take out some frustrations by slapping the hanks against the wall a few times to break up the yarns clinging to each other .... AND that is why the yarn is outside in the wind drying! This process should soften the yarn and make it more enjoyable to knit with. ;-))

Sorry I didn't get this picture turned around right, I had a hard enough time getting all these pictures loaded in the right order! (must be losing my blogging mojo) But as you can see this yarn in machine washable and dryable !!! That doesn't happen very much in the knitting world.

And here is a grainy picture of what I am going to start knitting. The back also hosts a section of lace work across the upper back. Don't know if I will omit the side slits yet or not. Seems to want to curl up around the hem area. Really appreciate Ravelry for all the input on this pattern and yarn choice. ;-))

Swim suit cover-up

I would be Done with this little number had I not had to start OVER...:-/
Yes I had it worked to the waist and took it off the needles for some reason and Thank goodness I did, cause that thing could have went around a Cow!!!

So this is the second attempt and I am certain that it will fit a much smaller Cow! Hehehe

I am now ready to do the waist garter stitching, so let's hope all is good ;-))
Remember the "Vodka Vanilla" ? Well I thought I would show you how that came along. I have used it in some cooking recipes so get out and buy yourself some vodka!!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

BirchBox time!

Check out all my Goodies!!

Nail polish, shampoo, face cream, perfume and 3 different Teas!!! $10 a month-pretty sweet ;-))

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to knitting

I finished a Project !!!

Now don't look at all the toiletries on my counter....I didn't work real hard at taking the best photo!!

I had searched all over the Internet for the exact yarn that the Noro pattern called for. It is called shiksai, made of cotton, acrylic, silk, kid mohair and wool.

I really like how it fits and can't wait for warmer weather ;-)

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is Duck Tape your Friend?

First I took a small T-shirt, cut off the sleeves. Turn it inside out and started covering it with duck tape!
Then I cut the neck and arm holes deeper to resemble handles. Staple across bottom of bag and tape over staples. Also square out bottom of bag corners, also re-taping.

Turn right side out !!!

And you have a cute re-usable bag ;-)

I matched my tape with the shirt and ended up using a good 3/4 of the roll, so to cut cost, please use a coupon towards your favorite craft store ;-)

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finally starting some Sewing!

Well, it all started with Pinterest !!

I came across this picture of cute PJ bottoms. The pattern is from Sweden, so I had to download the English version!! Yet some of the instructions are still a bit odd.

I am going to forgo the pockets also and it calls for a zipper in the back-we will see if that happens !

The cotton fabric I choose (from a San Diego Trip) is Moda and you can see, Very Bright ;-))

The green swirly material is the accent for Cuff and Waistband.

Using some of the Paperweights that my Dear Mom gave me. She is also the one that taught me to use them when cutting out patterns to keep my fabric and thin paper patterns from running away from me!

I love my new little Pin Cushion made by a dear friend ;-)

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