Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ahhhhhh, summer nights

Look what I got to do !!!!!
I sat out on my front porch till 10:30pm just knitting away. It was a breezy little evening and the temperature was just perfect. My Hubby was actually sitting out there with me until a mosquito landed on him and sent him running for cover. So I got out my citronella candle and had me a little bonfire! Another reason it was so peaceful, there were NO kids in the house.
I am still working on my craft closet, I want to put all the wools on one shelf and cottons in their own bins and single skeins in another bin, I already have 3 bins full of WIP (work in progress)(for you non-knitters), there is just something about starting a NEW project that pleases the soul. I have ripped out 3 projects this time around. It feels good to do that, cause if it ain't doing anything for me, why have it there waiting!! Out of sight, out of mind.....that does not work for me.....cause I will fret about it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Changes are a comin'

The craft closet was bulging at the seams!

And a garage sale is coming up.....

What a perfect time to

MINIMIZE my stash !!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, I shall make some crafters very happy that day, indeed.

We are talking Fabric, Sewing Patterns, Yarn, Rubber Stamps, Flower Presses, Weaving kits, and some more Fabric!!!!!

Even with this downsizing of goods, I will still be needing to purchase 5 more Rubbermaid storage bins to house YARN that has been multiplying on my craft room floor !!! I guess you have to keep those ornery things separated.... ;)

There will come a time when I will not be able to get out of my house for weeks, months or years, and I will be prepared, I will NOT be bored out of my gored, for I will have many projects to keep me and my mind busy. Nope I will survive and crafting will keep me sane. I pity the others that haven't planned like me. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Sorry all my pictures are fuzzy, but
I NEED a NEW Camera !!!!!!!!!
either that or hire a camera crew to follow me around
and shoot all the crazy fun things I do.

By the way, in this picture I am NOT picking my nose
just chewing on my nubs!!!

News on the family front

the first born has flown the coop,
left the nest,
took flight,
packed up,
moved out and is living the High School Graduates dream.

We pray that her wings will be strong,
And that the world will be kind to her.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

As the World turns.....

I wanted you all to see how beautiful my sister-in-law, JuJu looks in her birthday gift.
You probably cant even tell she is sweltering outside in 100+ weather of Oklahoma, huh?!

Today is hubby's birthday, so we did the traditional-Birthday person picks where to eat their bday dinner!! So we ended up at Bardenay's and with all three kids!!!! (celebration in itself)

Konrad, Taylor and Chelsea

look at their adultness......

Konrad had to head off to work at Albertsons afterwards, he has been very busy with Tennis, he is going to be in a Tournament in Denver this August, for fundraising, he and the 5 others are going to teach youngster the joy of Tennis in a summer camp setting and also host a garage sale.

Taylor has shaved his hair off for the summer and has recently been sporting a 'cool dude's hat', he almost had the waitress convinced he was old enough for a beer!

Chelsea had a nice surprise for Randy on his bday, she got her tongue pierced yesterday....
She also enrolled into college yesterday and she and her girlfriend found their first apartment!!
So she moves out of the house on Friday and Konrad has already called her room!

yeah, yeah, I know this is a knitting blog.....Where's the knitting.....Well I started something......but I noticed (when taking the picture, for to put right here)
that I messed up on it.....this seems to be a pattern with me these I shall r i ppppppp it now I dont know what I'll do.

So you have a happy Sunday and I'm gonna go have some tea :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Recipient is Pleased !!

It's a secret no more!!
My Sister-in-Law, JuJu recieved
her Birthday gift only a few days
late, pretty good for a hand-knitted
garment, I'd say :)

Here is a pic of the shawl with sleeves

as it is blocking.

It was very fun to make and I had all my knitting friends

jealous. The wrap part had several rows that you would

purposely drop and let them unravel....that was fun.

I love how I could sit down and have the long front part

cover my legs like a blanket. It would be very nice to have one of these for my very own!!!

It could happen some day. But after having all that wool on my lap, I am ready to knit

something small, like maybe a pair of socks. Perfect summer knitting, they stuff into any

little ole purse and out the door you are with your knitting, never a dull wasted minute!

I can be a very silly model...


I am including a few odd angle photos that I took.
This is my favorite chime
it is very big and heavy
so the tone is quite low.

This is the sunset thru my

This poor thing has taken
a tumble several times due
to the wild wind devils we
experience out here in the
boonies !!!
This cute little license plate is hanging in my craft room
window for all to see. It speaks the truth.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Surprize is Done !!!!

It's finished, it's done, it's blocking, it's drying, he he ha ha ho ho !!!!!!
and I am soooo happy for that.
It is killer, also, I might add!

Here is a pic of the mystery
It looks like train tracks,
follow the tracks
see where it leads
you will find
that it does
have sleeves !!

Purl would like to have your attention
she is inviting you over for an afternoon of conversation, she has a lot to say and the twig bench is soooo enticing. Won't you indulge her and pop on over for a spell ???

This is my precious daughter at the tender age of ohhh around three.
Can you see the gold halo above her head? Well it fit her perfectly,
She had let me style her hair that day and she is wearing little press on
earrings. I am tearing up as I am sharing this picture with you, for she and
I are at odds a lot these days. I know this happens to Moms and Daughters.
I myself wasn't the best daughter till my mid-twenties, but then I lost my Mom
to Cancer when I was 38. We were the Bestest of friends.

Time will heal, time will tell, time...................I don't want to run out of time.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Was your Fourth funfilled???

A lot has been happening around here that this poor blog has not been showing you......the nerve of all that technology !!
This is a goofy pic of me and husbank out celebrating our daughter's 19th birthday, I look like a man with long hair. (note to self...more eyeshadow)

We spent the Holiday in McCall again this year, boy were there a bunch of people there, I think too many for my likin'. We left town on Sunday around noon and so did everyone else....goooood lord, thank god I had my knitting, is all I can (should) say. We also stopped for 2 potty breaks and one good hour stop at the famous Cascade Flea Market. So about 4 1/2 hours later we arrived home!!!!

We love to rent a boat and a jet ski, this time we had a pontoon boat cause we were sporting 8 people. That silly boat maybe went 10 mph!!!!! BUT, the jet ski, now that is a different story. I went the fastest at 52 mph, and that was in the air, when I was jumping waves!! My sister got me hooked on this new daredevil life !! :) This pictures shows us towing the little blue number cause we ran it out of gas !!

My Dad and Step-Mom joined us this year in McCall. They drove all the way from Independence, Kansas !!! They love to drive !! I rode in their car on the ride up to McCall and it was the first time I saw wildlife, we saw 2 mule deer right off the bat around Horseshoe Bend and then about halfway there a big wild sheep decided to stop traffic. I wanted her wool and she had a bunch.