Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ahhhhhh, summer nights

Look what I got to do !!!!!
I sat out on my front porch till 10:30pm just knitting away. It was a breezy little evening and the temperature was just perfect. My Hubby was actually sitting out there with me until a mosquito landed on him and sent him running for cover. So I got out my citronella candle and had me a little bonfire! Another reason it was so peaceful, there were NO kids in the house.
I am still working on my craft closet, I want to put all the wools on one shelf and cottons in their own bins and single skeins in another bin, I already have 3 bins full of WIP (work in progress)(for you non-knitters), there is just something about starting a NEW project that pleases the soul. I have ripped out 3 projects this time around. It feels good to do that, cause if it ain't doing anything for me, why have it there waiting!! Out of sight, out of mind.....that does not work for me.....cause I will fret about it.

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