Friday, August 7, 2009

Gonna be gone for a few weeks, but don't forget about me, tho...

I finished with the craft was a sad closure...I gave away lots of fabric. They were all destined for greatness, each and everyone of them...I do hope they find nice homes and get to live a full life. ;(

But as you can tell from the photo, everything is in order now. And room for at least 2 more totes....when will the hording stop????

My toes are ready for my upcoming trip back home. The hair gets done on Monday. Packing starts on Sunday for my 12 day venture across the plains of Kansas and Oklahoma !! Looking forward to seeing all my family. :}

Last weekend the
Hubby flipped an
illegal "U"turn for
these lovely farm
fresh fruits and veggies.
Can you tell which is a
cute little
Lemon Cucumber?
It's the yellow guys here. _______^
There were very yummy.

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