Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting back into the groove again

Couldn't you just eat these colors, they look soooo delicious!? This sweater has about 8 different colors. I am on a size 5 needle, but it seems to go pretty fast. The yarn is Ella Rae Silkience, a blend of cotton and silk.....or better known as "Butter" !!! I'll show you what it will grow up to be in my next post, just to keep you interested. ;)
This number is a crazy concoction of triangles and squares...totally meant to confuse!! Is it a sweater or row after row of mistakes.....I guess we will find out in the end.

This picture shows the sweater folded into the proper shape with the yoke yet to be done and still missing its you get it yet???

I had a surprize sunflower pop up by my bench, my son tries to tell me that they are just weeds, but that is an insult to me cause I am from Kansas the Sunflower State !!!

Okay.....somebody explain this to me....why are there Ornamental Pear Trees???

What a waste.
I have 3 of these trees and this is maybe 1/4 of what is on the lower half of ONE tree!!! I tasted one of these cuties and 'yuck' very tart.......SO W H Y ? what are they for, who eats them,.....
WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Baaaaack !!

The Husband and I flying the friendly skies.
Boy how I love to be cramped in those comfy seats on a air plane.... My trip back home was a success !! Visiting everyone, enjoying their loving company and living their lives.
This is my Dad and Bella (check out her cute little pom-pom wristlets!)
My next stop was my Brother and his family, that's him hiding behind me. Beside me is my nephew. The handsome blonde is my son, Konrad, it was his year to go back visiting with me. We made wonderful memories.

Then the time spent with my sister was mostly at Marion Reservoir in Kansas. What an awesome camp ground. The highlight there was jet skiing!!! These awesome water crafts went 70 mph !!!!!
Which I did not go, my top speed was 65mph, but a comfortable 40mph was more my liking. What a wonderful feeling, driving one of these, you are so in charge, slicing the waves and gliding across the water. We also had a kayak that was real relaxing, you can sneak up on wildlife and see more activity.

Back home with my animals, all were happy to have their mommy home.
Here is Purl helping me with the weeding.

only worked on my knitting a little bit while out and about and am looking forward to my Friday Knitting with my fellow Knitiots~

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gonna be gone for a few weeks, but don't forget about me, tho...

I finished with the craft was a sad closure...I gave away lots of fabric. They were all destined for greatness, each and everyone of them...I do hope they find nice homes and get to live a full life. ;(

But as you can tell from the photo, everything is in order now. And room for at least 2 more totes....when will the hording stop????

My toes are ready for my upcoming trip back home. The hair gets done on Monday. Packing starts on Sunday for my 12 day venture across the plains of Kansas and Oklahoma !! Looking forward to seeing all my family. :}

Last weekend the
Hubby flipped an
illegal "U"turn for
these lovely farm
fresh fruits and veggies.
Can you tell which is a
cute little
Lemon Cucumber?
It's the yellow guys here. _______^
There were very yummy.