Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Baaaaack !!

The Husband and I flying the friendly skies.
Boy how I love to be cramped in those comfy seats on a air plane.... My trip back home was a success !! Visiting everyone, enjoying their loving company and living their lives.
This is my Dad and Bella (check out her cute little pom-pom wristlets!)
My next stop was my Brother and his family, that's him hiding behind me. Beside me is my nephew. The handsome blonde is my son, Konrad, it was his year to go back visiting with me. We made wonderful memories.

Then the time spent with my sister was mostly at Marion Reservoir in Kansas. What an awesome camp ground. The highlight there was jet skiing!!! These awesome water crafts went 70 mph !!!!!
Which I did not go, my top speed was 65mph, but a comfortable 40mph was more my liking. What a wonderful feeling, driving one of these, you are so in charge, slicing the waves and gliding across the water. We also had a kayak that was real relaxing, you can sneak up on wildlife and see more activity.

Back home with my animals, all were happy to have their mommy home.
Here is Purl helping me with the weeding.

only worked on my knitting a little bit while out and about and am looking forward to my Friday Knitting with my fellow Knitiots~

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