Monday, December 14, 2009

My little Naked Gardening Gal is also a little frosty today!!

The Bird bath is a little frozen over at the moment,
can you see the cute birdie prints?

Our little WinterWonderland...

If you could take away the '30 speed limit' sign, this picture could be an old postcard, huh? This was the pretty snow that fell on Saturday.
NO, the dog isn't driving, the truck is parked!

Prancer and I ventured out this morning for a photo shoot. It was so quiet, our evergreen trees where full of little birds and the only sound was them chirping away, talking about how yummy the neighbors fresh bird seed was! and then, all of a sudden a hush came over the land.............

Can you see the culprit...hiding behind the tree? Mr. Hearts was lookin for a little feathered friend! He was having so much fun running around in the snow. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its the start of Holiday Parties!!

Fa-la-la-la-la !!!!!
One of my knitting friends hosted her annual Holiday Party over the weekend and it was a wonderful amount of Ho-Ho Fun!!! You can probably tell by the gleam in our eyes, or the rosy in our cheeks, or the cheery smiles that indeed we are having a good ole time !!!

Beautiful Biscotti, this time it was Pecan with chocolate on top. My fav is Chocolate Almond with orange zest. If you have never tried to make biscotti on your own, you Must! It is sooo easy, once you make the dough, just like making cookie dough, you form it into a log shape and bake it and the slice it kattywampus and re-bake for 10 more minutes. Great little gifts for the Ho-Ho days!! We love them dipped in our Lattes and Hot Tea.

Look !!!!! We got Prancer to pose with Chelsea and I.... and she is even looking at the camera!!!! Happy Ho-Ho to you all!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Just a few things have happened...

Let's see... I had a birthday, yep I turned 29 again and again!!
and I must say, I had a lovely birthday. My hubby and family made it feel real good.
Then Thanksgiving came around and we celebrated with a nice quiet meal, played some Scrabble, then ran out and caught a movie.

Randy and I out on the town on my birthday.

Konrad winning at Scrabble.....

Actually got a little help from my boys :)

Making my first Pecan Pie here, it turned out pretty darn good.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

children no more.....

It's true, I no longer have children
They are considered 'Adults'
Here is a picture of my boys at "18"
And here is a picture of the soft alpaca hand warmers that i sent my daughter, along with her 'skull' jewelry.
My knitting mojo has s l o w e d .....
I've only finished one of the 4 clogs i need to make...
Striped Sweater sits dormant...looking to summery for me to finish now...
A started a beret, but since its on #1 needles it doesn't move very fast ...
Maybe happiness would entail 'starting' a new garment....
I've got one in mind, but would IT ever get finished either?????
Stay tuned

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can you tell WHO is dormant during the cold months??

Oh me oh my.....this is not my favorite time of the year....
I know that all this leads to the upcoming holidays and they overwhelm me. And on top of that I have to have a another birthday! Por Que ????
Somethings are just Rude.

So the last of my children turned 18 and now my family consisted of all adults. I thought this day would never come. I can't wait to be a real empty nester and downsize. But will the housing market let us do that as soon as we want??

Wouldn't it be wonderful to move to a year round Warm Climate?! Maui comes to mind. IF it was affordable....
Would I get tired of warm days ALL the time??
Would I tire of seeing green grass and colorful flowers ALL the time?? Would I really grow tired of spending my days outside in the sunshine???
Just think, you would be wearing next to nothing everyday... so you wouldn't cover up your body in the cold months and let it go to pot!!!!
Hell, that's worth it right there!!!!
That's it, I'm saving my pennies from here out :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm still trying to hold on to Summer....

Me and the Roses are refusing to give in to the call of cold weather. In this photo you can see the light dusting of SNOW! Rude indeed...
OK, ..... so it makes for a good photo opportunity..... but that's ALL.
(did you hear me? cause I was yelling a little bit there) he he he he

See I even have some color left in this garden of mine. Poor little rose buds, hoping for their day to shine.

Here is Prancer, coming over to play with her mommy in the grass. She was a bad girl yesterday and got into the kitchen trash while no one was home... she was after icky dried up cat treats. She chomped that poor plastic container to death!

I know this is a crappy picture, but I wanted to show you .......
'that my tree has BALLS' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, ok....I have been knitting, but didn't get pictures of that. I started making Konrad his own pair of felted slippers (cause he stole Randy's). And a surprise pair of hand warmers for Chelsea. (I don't think she follows my blog?) I'm going to send them to her in the mail, so she will get some 'fun' mail at her apartment, not just bills :)
The boys have had their Senior pictures taken and it has been very hard to decide which ones to pick from. They turn "18" on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall keeps fallin'

Does this make me look funny??? It sure is warm and it smells of silk.
The ornamental pear trees are dropping their pretty gold leaves

This is a good Halloween photo,
now scroll down to the next photo and .....

BOO!!! Did Purl scare you !?!?!?!?
She was so funny, trying to be in all my pictures

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No knitting here.....

I bought some yummy looking plums at the farmer's market,
and made a Delicious Plum and Blueberry Upside down cake,
recipe compliments of
Yes, I ate 3/4 of this whole thing by myself..... it was THAT good.
And I have enough plums to make another : )

This is my pretty prancer enjoying some fresh rain water, she loves photo ops.

Fresh flowers from my thoughtful husband.

Can you see that I actually caught a picture of a bee in action, with my measly camera!!!

And this photo shows the autumn colors in my yard, during a lovely sunny day.
PLEASE let there be more sunny days.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I LOVE these Socks!

After visiting a friends house, I decided if her walls could talk then so can MINE !!!

Here is what it looks like in my house...can you see it over my back door. I thought this was a good place, heading out to the pool.
And here are the socks that are so very cool. Do you love them??

The heel is the cutest thing ever....

And look how cute they are on!! I had to be a contortionist to take this picture of myself !!
Anything for my viewers : )

They are the best fit ever. AND the pattern is free!! !!!

Purl can't stop meowing about them either!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wearables !!!

I finished this sweater earlier in the year (before blog) and I get compliments EVERY time I wear it. It was such an easy, fun garment to knit, that I swore I would make another.......but other prospects come around and poof ! It fall out of the loop. And here is the long awaited sweater !!!!! Top half is knitted and the bottom half is crochet!! Make sure you click on the picture to see it up close.... but don't look at my funny face :}

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunset on Summer

O M G !!!!
This is the sunset coming thru my craft room window, check out the awesome glow !!!

So naturally I had to run outside and catch a few photos for you. This one is on the front porch.
This is just seconds later, as long as it took me to walk to the front yard and the sun has dropped out of site. Can you believe all these colors?? Phenomenal.

Ran thru the house to the back yard..... no more purple, turning to black now.

And I couldn't let the day go by without showing off the new crazy sock!!
Isn't it the cutest thing?! The pattern says this part is like doing a hat with ear flaps!
Can you see that?

Here is how it fits the heel.
Next step is picking up stitches to do the foot, then pick up stitches on other side and work the leg. This way is great because you can finish out the skein of yarn making the cuff as long as the yarn will let you, no more second guessing and no more left over sock yarn !! win win

For those of you that know me well....YES, those are my real nails!! For some reason they are growing and I am not chewing them. Savor the moment :)