Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its the start of Holiday Parties!!

Fa-la-la-la-la !!!!!
One of my knitting friends hosted her annual Holiday Party over the weekend and it was a wonderful amount of Ho-Ho Fun!!! You can probably tell by the gleam in our eyes, or the rosy in our cheeks, or the cheery smiles that indeed we are having a good ole time !!!

Beautiful Biscotti, this time it was Pecan with chocolate on top. My fav is Chocolate Almond with orange zest. If you have never tried to make biscotti on your own, you Must! It is sooo easy, once you make the dough, just like making cookie dough, you form it into a log shape and bake it and the slice it kattywampus and re-bake for 10 more minutes. Great little gifts for the Ho-Ho days!! We love them dipped in our Lattes and Hot Tea.

Look !!!!! We got Prancer to pose with Chelsea and I.... and she is even looking at the camera!!!! Happy Ho-Ho to you all!!

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