Monday, December 14, 2009

Our little WinterWonderland...

If you could take away the '30 speed limit' sign, this picture could be an old postcard, huh? This was the pretty snow that fell on Saturday.
NO, the dog isn't driving, the truck is parked!

Prancer and I ventured out this morning for a photo shoot. It was so quiet, our evergreen trees where full of little birds and the only sound was them chirping away, talking about how yummy the neighbors fresh bird seed was! and then, all of a sudden a hush came over the land.............

Can you see the culprit...hiding behind the tree? Mr. Hearts was lookin for a little feathered friend! He was having so much fun running around in the snow. :)

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful but I am glad it is you and not us that has all that snow....I wish I could hibernate!!!!
    Love ya,