Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can you tell WHO is dormant during the cold months??

Oh me oh my.....this is not my favorite time of the year....
I know that all this leads to the upcoming holidays and they overwhelm me. And on top of that I have to have a another birthday! Por Que ????
Somethings are just Rude.

So the last of my children turned 18 and now my family consisted of all adults. I thought this day would never come. I can't wait to be a real empty nester and downsize. But will the housing market let us do that as soon as we want??

Wouldn't it be wonderful to move to a year round Warm Climate?! Maui comes to mind. IF it was affordable....
Would I get tired of warm days ALL the time??
Would I tire of seeing green grass and colorful flowers ALL the time?? Would I really grow tired of spending my days outside in the sunshine???
Just think, you would be wearing next to nothing everyday... so you wouldn't cover up your body in the cold months and let it go to pot!!!!
Hell, that's worth it right there!!!!
That's it, I'm saving my pennies from here out :)

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