Monday, July 6, 2009

Was your Fourth funfilled???

A lot has been happening around here that this poor blog has not been showing you......the nerve of all that technology !!
This is a goofy pic of me and husbank out celebrating our daughter's 19th birthday, I look like a man with long hair. (note to self...more eyeshadow)

We spent the Holiday in McCall again this year, boy were there a bunch of people there, I think too many for my likin'. We left town on Sunday around noon and so did everyone else....goooood lord, thank god I had my knitting, is all I can (should) say. We also stopped for 2 potty breaks and one good hour stop at the famous Cascade Flea Market. So about 4 1/2 hours later we arrived home!!!!

We love to rent a boat and a jet ski, this time we had a pontoon boat cause we were sporting 8 people. That silly boat maybe went 10 mph!!!!! BUT, the jet ski, now that is a different story. I went the fastest at 52 mph, and that was in the air, when I was jumping waves!! My sister got me hooked on this new daredevil life !! :) This pictures shows us towing the little blue number cause we ran it out of gas !!

My Dad and Step-Mom joined us this year in McCall. They drove all the way from Independence, Kansas !!! They love to drive !! I rode in their car on the ride up to McCall and it was the first time I saw wildlife, we saw 2 mule deer right off the bat around Horseshoe Bend and then about halfway there a big wild sheep decided to stop traffic. I wanted her wool and she had a bunch.