Sunday, June 28, 2009

That Phase is Over......heavy sigh....

First let's start off with a moment of Peace ....... please, just for me ....... I have really needed it.

this is my Tamarix shrub

Ok, so the bedroom has been in shambles for a little over a week,

everything shoved to one corner or another. Purl as loved it,

finding new places to lounge, jumping from one place to another.

Prancer thought it was always time to play ball and almost dropped

her tennis ball into the tray of paint a couple of times! Poor neglected

animals..... not really, Prancer had spa time today, she got a lovely bath

and I trimmed her up, she gets soooo relaxed during her pampering.

My least fav part of painting is the taping part. I wish I could hire a Taper, so if it happened to leak through I could blame them. See all my blue tape?

I just did get help moving the furniture and had to stage the camera in the bathroom in order to get this action photo taken!!

AAAAHHHH ........ heaven awaits!!!!!! Do you love it????
I am very pleased with it. WHY did I wait 8 years to do this?

I added two more green accent walls by the bay windows, you see one of them in the picture below. I love my green walls

And this portion is for Jeanne,
LOOK, my Hydrangeas are going to bloom this summer, after all!!!!

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  1. it DOES look like a haven... what a beautiful bedroom. I am very partial for that color green and cream though. I love the houseplants too...