Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Surprize is Done !!!!

It's finished, it's done, it's blocking, it's drying, he he ha ha ho ho !!!!!!
and I am soooo happy for that.
It is killer, also, I might add!

Here is a pic of the mystery
It looks like train tracks,
follow the tracks
see where it leads
you will find
that it does
have sleeves !!

Purl would like to have your attention
she is inviting you over for an afternoon of conversation, she has a lot to say and the twig bench is soooo enticing. Won't you indulge her and pop on over for a spell ???

This is my precious daughter at the tender age of ohhh around three.
Can you see the gold halo above her head? Well it fit her perfectly,
She had let me style her hair that day and she is wearing little press on
earrings. I am tearing up as I am sharing this picture with you, for she and
I are at odds a lot these days. I know this happens to Moms and Daughters.
I myself wasn't the best daughter till my mid-twenties, but then I lost my Mom
to Cancer when I was 38. We were the Bestest of friends.

Time will heal, time will tell, time...................I don't want to run out of time.

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  1. Push the “Sad Tea” box to the very rear of the cabinet, completely out of reach; there is no time for it. Fill your glass with sunshine and drink up!

    We have today,
    lets dance and sing and live.

    I saw him in Park City today!