Sunday, July 19, 2009

As the World turns.....

I wanted you all to see how beautiful my sister-in-law, JuJu looks in her birthday gift.
You probably cant even tell she is sweltering outside in 100+ weather of Oklahoma, huh?!

Today is hubby's birthday, so we did the traditional-Birthday person picks where to eat their bday dinner!! So we ended up at Bardenay's and with all three kids!!!! (celebration in itself)

Konrad, Taylor and Chelsea

look at their adultness......

Konrad had to head off to work at Albertsons afterwards, he has been very busy with Tennis, he is going to be in a Tournament in Denver this August, for fundraising, he and the 5 others are going to teach youngster the joy of Tennis in a summer camp setting and also host a garage sale.

Taylor has shaved his hair off for the summer and has recently been sporting a 'cool dude's hat', he almost had the waitress convinced he was old enough for a beer!

Chelsea had a nice surprise for Randy on his bday, she got her tongue pierced yesterday....
She also enrolled into college yesterday and she and her girlfriend found their first apartment!!
So she moves out of the house on Friday and Konrad has already called her room!

yeah, yeah, I know this is a knitting blog.....Where's the knitting.....Well I started something......but I noticed (when taking the picture, for to put right here)
that I messed up on it.....this seems to be a pattern with me these I shall r i ppppppp it now I dont know what I'll do.

So you have a happy Sunday and I'm gonna go have some tea :)


  1. I sure had a great b-day and a great weekend thanks to my beautiful, caring, super-cool wife!!. Thanks!!

  2. Hey it has been almost a week. No new news!
    Sorry I will miss knitting tomorrow