Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Finished!

And BOY do I Love it. ;-)

It's warm and cozy with lots of 'Folding' room (now that the washer and dryer sit lower).

The letters turned out perfect.

The new Accordion Dryer Shelf is a dream, I have already used it to dry my Delicates! hehehe

The awesome box style curtain expertly hides the "Uglies" !!
Oh and Purl likes to walk behind it she is my Duster !

This morning I shopped at some fav second hand stores and found some decor. This fake plant and pot-$5, the red fake Orchid-$4, sturdy red wire basket-$5 and the old looking red crock-$3!!!!!

This basket I had in the garage and it hides my huge box of detergent!

Oh and I painted the little handles red ;-)

So any time you want to come over and do a load of laundry....

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  1. Brenda, it is gorgeous! Where did you say you got the according dryer? I love everything in that room! Love you too!!!!

    1. is the site that I bought that dryer shelf, beware they have way too many fun things! Randy did an awesome job of hanging it too. Glad you like the update, I had such Fun doing it!
      Love back at you.

  2. Wow -- great laundry room! Makes me want to do my wash NOW! Love the accordian dryer -- will have to get one. And love the "shades" for the "uglies" plumbing stuff.

    Thanks for sharing and caring! :)

    -Barb C.