Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonderful Mother's Day

It always starts with Flowers !

These lovely white clusters of Beauty are from my Boys ! My Daughter also brought a bouquet of mixed flowers that graced our table. She also got me the cutest Ladybug Wind-chime and two Lavender items.
One of which I Had to share with You all.
Check out the Jar of Flavored Honey below........ 

                                                               Have you EVER ???
                          She knows that I am a Lavender Fanatic and this Honey takes the cake!!!

                      Now this next picture will surely make ALL My Knitting Friends quite Jealous!

I have seen these on the Internet, but never in person for to buy myself one. But Chelsea found this at a Farmers Market in Boise and Randy had her get it for me. It is sooooo coooool!  I Love It
If you do not understand the purpose of this ceramic bowl with a Swirl sliced thru it, let me tell you!  You simply put a skein of yarn in the bowl and weave the end thru and around the swirl slit, so that as you knit the ball of yarn does Not flop around on the floor and under the coffee table and around the leg and under the couch!
So Thank You to All Who Made My "Mother's Day" Special :-)

On the BB Cream Front:  I have tried two brands and they Both proceeded to break me out! not happy with this at all. I loved the coverage and how they all went on, But my skin got all choked up! I have since found a Mineral Powder makeup from L'OREAL that I love. Gawd, the things Women have to go thru to look good....

On the Knitting Front:  I am going to be 'Ripping' out the white swim suit dress....yes the one that i started over a second still is not to gauge and i am sick of trying to make that thing work.! :-P      BUT, I do have the purple shell still going and am about 6 inches up on front and back, so i am knitting the body of it now. That is what is in the gorgeous green bowl above!

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  1. He He...I knew what it was the minute I laid my eyes on it. It is a beautiful thing!!!! You are right, you had a beautiful Mother's Day and that was the way it was suppose to be! Love you!