Saturday, July 21, 2012

Giving the Tiny Laundry Room a New Look

Here it is folks, as little as they come!! I am standing in the Hallway, and these are the only angles I can get. It is by far the oddest shaped Laundry Room I have seen. There is No sink, but plenty of storage.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the Washer and Dryer with the Pedestal Drawers, then they sat at least a foot higher. I had them removed (Think I can sell them on Craig's List?) because I had issues with the washer. So now that they sit lower, the 'beautiful' water turn-off area and plug in--Stick out Like a Sore Thumb :-/

The service guy told me of another client that put up a Curtain to hide the 'Uglies' SO I shall do the Same!

I have decided to go with a Barn Red color scheme. Found a throw rug and valance at
J.C.Penneys. I have always loved the look of those Wooden Accordion Dryer things and found this cute small one Online at !

Then I went to Jo-Ann's craft store and bought Red and Cream Paint and the cardboard letters
"W""A""S""H". (all for $10)

I am going to try to give them the whitewash look. I can not tell you how enjoyable it was to paint those letters, does that make me weird??!?
Do you see Purl and Prancer monitoring my progress??
Hopefully tomorrow I can in list my husbands help to hang wooden shelf and curtain rod. He has been awake for over 30 hours due to a return flight from Brazil!
Stay tuned for the Ending Results ;-))
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  1. Super cute transformation!! Love the clothes dryer rack and the new color!Good job!!