Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Friends and Old .......

Meet Sammi, my pet squirrel!! She is the only squirrel out where I live.(too far out in the country, I guess) I can call for her and most times she will come a running!! I feed her peanuts in the shell, she will come right up to me and I can make her follow me around too. I stoop down and she will put her little paws on my leg and I hand her the nut, she will take it and turn it around and around sniffing it, to decide if it is good enough to keep, then off she flies to find the perfect spot to bury it, then fluffs dead leaves around it to make it look like nothing happened there, then comes back to see if I have any more!

I am truly amazed with her willingness to come sooo close to me, I have never seen a squirrel so tame. I am going to try and get a better picture of her, but if you zoom on this one you can see the peanut being inspected!

And this is my Old friend, Zero or Princess. She has moved and doesn't live next door anymore.... :( But I was blessed with a visit not to long ago!! And she came in and it was like she never left, she rules the roust around here! After proving that she was in charge in this picture, she came down to my lap and snuggled. I will sooo much miss her Summer visits. :(

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