Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Graduating progress !!

The Pieces are finally coming together for this 'Graduating Senior' All 35 squares are done and getting crochet to become one! Haven't even started the second one yet.....well I did start one but it kept looking like a baby blanket instead of an Eighteen year olds!!! So it went in the closet of 'decide what to do with this at a nother time'!! But I do have new yarn and will be crocheting (with a large hook) the second blanket so that will go much faster. i hope i hope i hope :))
So what do you think of the blanket so far??? Can you see the traveling tan bars?
So has it disturbed you that I haven't been posting very often??? well that is thanks to FACEBOOK !!!

Love to check and see what is happening and put my 2 cents in when in the mood :)


  1. Very cool!
    Love ya JuJu

  2. it looks great! I wondered when you would post again!!

  3. She is Baaaaaack!

    Love Peg anonymous