Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Do as Pinterest Says !

First you get your 'Garage Sale Opposed' Husband to Stop at the First Sale you see, and Completely luck out !!! Because they have exactly what you want and it's only $1.....go figure.

The lid was chipped, but I am not going to be using that part anyway ;-)

Introduce a few cans of Spray paint (that I always have on hand)

And Start Swirling the two colors on the 'Find' of the day !

Always keep by your side, a few helpers .....

Taa Daa !!!
A Yarn Ball TeaPot !

The idea is that now the yarn ball won't roll away from you or get carried off by 'said previous Helpers'

I must say, it's quite darling.

Me and my TeaPot shall travel from room to room to savor a little knitting time together !

Thx Pinterest :-))

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