Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunflower Harvest

It all started with a package of Seeds......

Back on Mother's Day I received a wonderful gift from my Daughter. I don't think either of Us expected such amazing results !!

I just slightly buried the little seeds around the yard in various places, where the sprinklers would water them.

Well you are looking at a Six Foot Fence there, folks!!

I had to bungee some to the fence posts and put hooks on the house to tie up these monsters.

I have even cut some for table centerpieces :-)

But today I cut off all the Heads to Harvest the seeds for the Birds during Winter ;-). First let me remind you that I am 'Allergic' to Sunflowers.....I can smell them and that is about it. So of course I wore gloves, but something still got in my shoe and a little on my forearms causing a few little welts and itchiness! And I also sneezed a lot,
BUT check out the Glory !!!

The bounty just did fit in my Patio Table !

I have harvested 54 heads !
The largest is 18 inches across!

On some of the heads the seeds are still white, so I am storing them in the garage to dry so they will darken and grow all the nutrients for the little birdies.

Thanks again Chelsea !

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