Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday BLUES...

Remember when I said that there may be some belly aching going on here at this blog, well pull up a chair cause here it comes...
I redeemed my Mother's Day gift of a pedicure, facial and massage (thank you, Husbank!) on Tuesday. During which I learned of a NEW ailment that I have (falling apart at the seams)(no, that's not it),
Plantar Fasciitis!!!! Good lord, so the balls and heels of both feet just kill me. So now I get to add another specialist to my ever-growing list of high paid Doctors!! glory be

Wednesday was Graduation Day for my 18 year old Daughter Chelsea, during her practice in the A.M., I received a text saying her stomach was killing her. She just did make it to a primary care center, where they said "looks like gall bladder, kidneys, Go to Emergency at Hospital for Blood work and Sonogram"! So after peeing in a cup, blood work without fainting and convulsing, and 60 sonogram images ($$$$$), the little bit of MYLANTA that they had her drink the minute her butt was hanging out of the lovely hospital gowns--took care of the pain ! So low and behold, there were no gall stones, but she has intestinal issues, just like her mother and gets to visit a gastroenterologist......heavy sigh.
Got home with about 40 minutes to get ready and head off to the Big Graduation Ceremony.

During all of this, we had out of state visitors, my step-dad Gary and his wife Jeanne !!!
They came to watch the Graduation Caps fly up in the air and it was a awesome sight. After that we closed up the local BBQ joint while making wonderful new memories. Why is there never enough time to spend with loved ones?

Friday we hosted a party for my Son's Varsity Tennis Team. Fun was had by all, once again, why is it sad when everyone leaves....

Having the blues is the theme of this post for yet another reason....

No it is

Does this

look like this?


NOT $#?$#?!@$>?

Can you see
the difference

Well why didn't you

earlier !?!?!?!

C R A P .

Yes, I ripped it out..
allllll ooouuuttt.

And I will NOT be
starting it over Today.
Not on Blue Saturday.

On a lighter note, I planted this bulb over 4 years ago and it always comes up every year as just green blades, but this year it decided to bloom !!! My Angels surprise me all the time : )

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  1. dadgummit! I love that french girl knits book... hate frogging.....