Thursday, June 4, 2009

Officially Summer

Secret knitting.....ssshhhh!
I can't tell you anymore.

The cute little pink number hasn't won my heart over yet, so that project is on back burner...bad yarn :(

My beautiful Peonies are bursting all over. Their fragrance is so captivating. It also brings me right back to childhood, my Mom used to have some. I remember ants all over them, you could never bring them into the house for that reason. But I am able to enjoy these inside now?? Dont know why...

Has anyone figured out what kind of bulbs these are?

School's out for Summer !!!
This is what I like to see my boys doing in the summer, not glued to the @?^>^&?#$^M!@?$?@? computer

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  1. amen sister!!! Volleyball net was best $20 we ever spent!