Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Love new knitting toys !!!

My local LYS had another "Bag Sale"
If you buy one of their bags, the bag
itself AND everything you can fit in
it is.....50% off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta love that, sucks me in every
time, too :)

Last time I bought this wacky shaped orange basket, (only pd $12) love the
handle. Of course I filled it, with about
3 or 4 projects worth of yarn.

This time I found this collapsible canvas box with handles, (pd $10, this time) it is an 8 inch square and it stands up on its own quite nicely. It just so happens to be the exact size to hold the squares i am knitting for another secret project, I need about 35 squares. Don't be guessing, now !!

Well, my Brother told me my surprise flower is a Japanese Iris ! Imagine that, in my Idaho rock garden, no wonder it was embarrassed to bloom! But with all the attention I gave it I am sure he will be proud and ready for his photo opp again next spring.

And for my Brother guessing and winning the secret contest I had going, I am going to hop on a plane in August and go visit him!!!! yyyeeeaaaa!!!

Second runner up, was my Step-Mom, for guessing Siberian Iris! She will also get a visit in August!!!!!!

You just never know what will happen over here at knitterjittermom, huh???


  1. I so enjoyed your Blog and the great pictures

  2. you can reshape your orange basket by getting it wet (minus the handle) and then just re-shaping it, or putting something inside to help shape a flat bottom and let it dry.