Saturday, September 19, 2009

FINE.....The camera isn't as lame as I thought...

oh, say it isn't so......
my camera has made a liar out of me!! My husband showed me that it DOES indeed have a way to shoot close-ups of my
Ta da.....Here is a nice picture of 3 bracelets that I made!!! The two bottom ones are thread together with 6ft of tiny string with a flexible needle at each end. A bunch of us took a class from our New Bead Store, right here in little Star!!!! And then we got together again on our own and did another bracelet, just to see if we remembered how. I believe we all passed with flying colors. The top bracelet is a totally different technique, wire wrap. I use lots of head pins and attach them to the chain of the bracelet. My dream is to only use sterling silver and gold fixin's !!!! But money doesn't grow on trees..... just ornamental pears!!!!!!!!

Now in this picture, you may have to click on it and make it bigger...

do you see what I saw??

Two cute little mule deers, they were eating the flowers out of the flower pots at the condos I stayed at this weekend in McCall. I also saw a frisky little ground squirrel and a precious fox, but wasn't quick enough with a camera for them. I love wildlife :)

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  1. very cool!! wish we lived closer so I could do that stuff with you!