Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slowly is never fast enough

I'm making some progress on this number, finally finished the left front, can you see it pinned on top of the back??
Isn't it pretty how the colors match up so lovely.?.? Well it didn't start out that way..... half way thru the left front I had put a wrong color in and didn't realize it till way I had to rippp out three color blocks and redo it.... that was fun..... then my count got off and I had to put the project in TimeOut!!
SO, needless to say, I am very pleased to see that front piece done.....
On to the right front now.
Here is the promised finished photo of what my sweater is gonna grow up to become!!
I would never have chosen to knit this type of garment for myself, but the LYS had one hanging up and I was told to try it on (by my knitting friends).
I changed the yarn, so I had to pick out different colors, which of course was the fun part!


  1. I'm glad the project came back out of "Timeout" - not a good place to be :-) Also glad I'm not in timeout right now.... {LOL}

  2. By the way - have I mentioned how proud I am of Brenda's blog? I really love it!

  3. Your is going to be much prettier than the picture. Love the colors.

    Well, who is this Randy guy? He seems to be a big fan!

  4. WOW! That is looking really great! You're so talented!