Monday, September 7, 2009

Say it isn't soooo

The most SAD news came
during this Labor Day Weekend...
one of my fav yarn stores is closing its doors.....
This damn rotten economy is to blame for ruining a beautiful fiber heaven !!!

So here I sit,
pondering some future projects, because the fav yarn shop is going out with a bang
and having a huge $ale....
Its hard to be happy about saving money at a time like this...

I have finished the back of the new sweater (that you don't know what will look like when its finished)(cause I haven't posted the picture yet....)(sorry)
But aren't you taken with the fun colors?

And are you noticing the foam puzzle pieces underneath the sweater?? I bought those from KnitPicks. Very nice to have, now I can block things on my table instead of sticking pins into my carpet!


  1. The saddest part is, it is we we meet once a week to knit with our good friends.

  2. Darn, that's ashame.. I hate it when things like your fav any-kind-of-craft store closes! Hey your sweater does look yummy! I was hoping you were knitting it for me for my birthday!! Love you!!