Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010, baby!!!!

But let's not forget the Early 80's !!!!
This is my Awesome Brother giving his big Sister some Love.
Gotta love the dated couch..
and Fashionable EyeWear!!

My new Fav eye-opener of the day...

Sugar Cookie Coffee Grounds

I ground it even more for Espresso maker, 2 shots to 1/2 cup frothed chocolate milk with a tsp of raw sugar and a good squirt of dark chocolate syrup !!! Oh yeah, I know how to live. :)

Take a look at my bestest Xmas gift:

Oh my my my, I believe I am loved for sure !!! My hubby picked out the color, which suits me just fine for I am a Sunflower Girl.

Love after Xmas sales, I got these Paper whites at Home Depot for a couple of bucks. They will give me far more pleasure than that in the end!!!

Knitting?? you ask?? Let's see....well the fav LYS finally closed its doors yesterday. So naturally, I had to be there, purchasing a few last projects. One of which will be an old fashion hot water bottle cover.


  1. I love your new baby. Mine is red and my favorite toy in the kitchen. Enjoy!
    I think I will have to get a few paper whites, I just love them...

  2. ok, I got your text pic with the new kitchen toy! and I don't know that much about flowers so I had to google 'paper whites'! They will be really pretty when they bloom and really easy to care for! Thanks for calling today! Miss you! xoxo