Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've always dreamed of Venice, just the idea that the city is 'floating', pulls me in and Wow's me! Our weather was perfect. Hotel building used to be a Flour Mill back in the day. Our room was small, but had a view, the Breakfast Buffet was a dream!! And the coffee.... so robust, yum! After taking a breathtaking Gondola ride, we wondered around shops and markets drinking Bella, a Peach Sparkling Wine. During our outing, Mother Nature called and we had to pay $2 each to get into a WC (water closet)!!! The European toilet system is of course, different. There are 2 buttons to flush, small for #1 and bigger button for #2. You also have to close the lid because the force at which the limited water is flushed is massive. So needless to say I was always touching toilets over there......ummm, heebyjeebies!!!! So after paying such a fee for the would expect it to be well kept......NOT a one, always stank and you would be lucky if you had both soap and towel or a clean floor. Not pleasant at allllll.
We stayed in Venice for 3 nights and got to enjoy the wonderful pool. Restaurant eating is very expensive here. Gas is over $7 a gallon. We had fun walking around and imagining how it would be to live here. I had my head aimed 'up' most of the time, enjoying what was on every ones balconies, dogs would stick their heads thru the slats barking at passersby, cats were everywhere, but never looked very well fed. Randy kept saying that we couldn't get lost....cause it was an Island!

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