Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm on a Boat.....ok, itsa SHIP !

We boarded our ship and had such fun walking around checking out everything. My favorite was our Cabin, with our own balcony!!

After checking out the whole ship, we ''of course'' had to have some food!! In this picture, the entrance of the buffet, a beautiful display of fruit. Even the flowers are made of food!!
We are the leader of three ships leaving the dock, so this shows the followers, leaving Venice.

Our first stop was Dubrovnik, Croatia. Check out the steep steps!! These were little shops and cafes, even homes.

This is one of the beautiful views of the city from up high.

The water here is sooooo clear!! We wished we had opted for the snorkeling excursion. :(

I always have to take pictures looking up the trunk of a wonderful palm trees, they fascinate me!

We had to take a picture of our Croatian money = Kuna
Isn't it cool!

And this is where we spent most of our Kuna, a cute little outdoor restaurant. It was located down one of the tiny streets, they also had indoor seating but it wasn't air conditioned and there was a 'slight' breeze outside. Randy had delicious Sea Bass and I opted for Blackened Risotto (with bits of tender squid and colored with the squid ink!!)


  1. What no snorkeling?!?! I demand a blood test you can't be MY sister!
    Did you buy a rug? Were they expensive? These huge cruise ships.. was this a river cruise? So much love your way even if you were the mail mans daughter who like crafts more than water sports he-he-he!

  2. wow!! those pics look like post cards! Wish I could have been a little mouse in your pocket traveling with you! And I love how you love to be cratfy!! maybe you could find a craft that you do in the water and you can teach your little sis!!