Sunday, July 11, 2010

On to Turkey !!

On our excursion we visited two little villages.
The locals set up stands along side of walkways to sell their handmade wares. Mostly knitted and crochet items, lots of embroidered linens.

Now we come upon a local market that has everything!! This picture shows kitchen ware, toiletries and soaps.

Check out this guys array of fabric!!! I bought a pair of local made pants. They are made with lots of material in the legs and bottom area and are gathered at the waist with elastic. Made so you can squat in them and be very comfy!!

Oh my.... all the local grown grains and rice and spices....YUMMMM!

One of my favorite parts about Turkey is they only eat homegrown food and it is growing EVERYwhere!! Lemon trees were growing along alleyways and anyone could pick them. They were so beautiful and the size of our oranges!! so the picture below is a family at their stand for the day, we stopped and tasted their cucumbers, my my how fresh!

In this photo the elder women are sitting in the little bit of shade there was at their stand. Notice the scarves on their heads are crochet on the edges and some have beads, very feminine. You can sort of see how the pants wear here, that's what i bought!!!

We then were treated to a family owned outdoor cafe for lunch.

Here is my plate, everything is cooked in locally made Olive Oil. The upper right is seasoned rice rolled up in grape leaves, then of course local veggies; eggplant, squash and ripe tomatoes. Bread replacement is this very thin pan cooked on an open fire-rolled out flour and water batter. They cook two together with herbs in the middle. It is very crispy.

Then we stopped at a Rug Emporium!! We learned how they get the silk from the pods! awesome!! They dye the yarns with only natural vegetable dyes. Here sits a woman making a rug that will take months to finish. This was soooo fascinating, I could have spent the whole day there!!! :))

Then they whisked us down the hall and into one of the many rooms of unbelievable hand created rugs.

Yes, Turkey would be a wonderful place to come back and visit for longer period of time.

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