Saturday, July 17, 2010


This was my Favorite Place.....Santorini, Greece.

We opted to adventure out on our own here, which worked out wonderfully. We were very relaxed and whether we were discovering an out of the way Souvenir Shop, the very hard to find Gas Station or a simple little was OUR discovery :))

See the famous curvy road up the mountain, you have 3 choices of getting to the top, Walking (slow), riding a donkey (slow and smelly), or a high tech Gondola (fast and scary). We chose the 21st century option!!!

This photo was taken from our Cruise Ship balcony, I am very happy to be here! I have always been taken with the beauty of this place and NOW I am here :))

We are in the Gondola looking down on the poor souls that took the donkeys up. Let me remind you that it is very hot again today and it is only around 10am......

The poor donkeys should at least be able to take the Gondola's 'down'.....just to save a little energy, jeez .

Now walking around the beautiful city we came across this Cafe that apparently has a pool !!! I guess for when those appetizers seem to take forever, why not just go for a dip!!!

Well what do you know!! I found Sunflowers in Greece!! So I had to have a picture of that. Randy and I had soooo much fun here taking pictures and are hoping that some of them will be our ART in our new house.

We stumbled across this abandoned boat and fought over the camera!!

Proof that Randy is indeed in Greece....and quite happy about it !!

The water was just gorgeous and clean and clear and felt sooooo good on this hot non breezy day.

I like pictures of feet in water, so here is randy and I.

I finally had found this type of dress that everyone was wearing. It is made of 3 large scarves sewn together! Do I look like a local now??? Ha

This photo was taken way up high on a roof top restaurant that we stopped in to cool off. The view was amazing....and we were closer to the Sun.....hahahahah.

Awww, the happy couple on a dream vacation !!!

I could not drink enough ice cold water... i had a small bucket of ice sitting in front of me and immensely enjoyed each and everyone of those precious little cubes.....whether in my class or down my shirt!!!!

Randy on the other hand enjoyed the local beer to stay cooled off and to put up with my belly-aching!!

Simply breathtaking views, huh?!!

Can you imagine waking up in the morning and walking out on your balcony......just to stare at the ocean and contemplate your day. It would be so awesome to buy a flat here and decorate it with all local items. I could do it......"It could happen" :))

You would just take a couple of stairs and 'bam' you are at a market and you chose some fresh fish for the day and a bottle of vino. Back to your happy abode. mmmmmmmnmmnnn

Oh here I am again in my fun dress posing for you again in GREECE !!

So Goodbye Santorini for now......we hope to see you again.


  1. I like your dress/scarf! Love your pictures! Glad you included the pictures of your feet in the water to show how clear it was.

  2. wow! more great photos!! they would look awesome framed! I'm glad you can click on the pics, it didn't occur to me in the 1st pics that there were little homes everywhere! That is so amazing how they just build wherever they can, oe step and your in the drink!!! I love it!!

  3. oh my goodness...This looks so wonderful!