Sunday, August 29, 2010

Corfu, Greece

After experiencing the beautiful Santorini, I was really looking forward to another breathtaking day of Greece. Here we are floating by the Island.

We had to wait our turn to be taken ashore, so I had time to get caught up on PostCards to loved ones. As you can tell I am deep in thought....I try to go out of the way and not write the awful "Wish you were Here" .

I had a wonderful experience on the Ship last night, I got my hair cut at the Salon!!! I know, that was very brave! But I must say IT was an awesome Hair Cut. And I am very picky when it comes to my Cut!! It figures...that I will NEVER see her again :-( The Salon was so relaxing, check out all the windows. As she was cutting my hair, she said "Oh, Look at that Island!" How many times are you getting your hair done and there is a quaint little Island going by in the window!! See the black pedestal in the middle? That was the 'rotating Sink' !!! I didn't have to even get out of my chair. I just leaned my head back and she pulls the sink over and adjusts it right behind my chair. Then she blew dry my hair with a round brush to how many times do you leave the hairdressers 'Loving' how they styled your hair??? I am telling you I wanted to take her home !

This is the Adult Pool on our Ship, called the Solarium...It is air-conditioned in here?!? It was also saltwater. Not a fan of that, myself.

So after our water taxi to the Island, we take a taxi to the center of town.

It is another HOT day and we walk around the shopping area a little only to find the stores are either $$$ Jewelry or cheap Souvenirs.

I could NOT believe what was on the main street!!!

McDonalds ! And so since my daughter works for Mickey D's I had to do a little pose for her :)) This is probably the most affordable food you will find here, by the way! And so to use their restroom you have to have bought a food item and the receipt has a code on it and 'that' gets you into the potty area!!!! funny huh??

Here is a cute little Market.

Randy really wanted to see a Museum and so we tried and tried to find a particular Archaeological one that was on our map. We spent the better part of an hour traipsing around, covering certain areas 2 or 3 times (without asking for locals help) so this picture shows Randy studying the map, yet a 40th time......

Well in the End of our hunt, we did find it (after asking a local)(my idea)(BUT about 45 minutes ago) and the damn thing was Closed.

So Corfu was pretty UNeventful for us and we went back to the Ship early and crashed at the Pool with BOOZE.


  1. Dang that would b the life to do Hair on a cruise ship! You never thought of that did you?

  2. Thanks for your helpful Post, I hope you have a good day!. :)