Sunday, September 18, 2011

Momma's Got a New BAG....

Oh how I wanted to have this posting to have been exactly one year later than the previous....but time got away from me, so here I am.

So I have started something that I told myself I would not delve into....QUILTING !

I guess the Bug got me, for I am 'itchin' hahaha!

During the Summer I managed to make 2 Rag Quilts, The first one for my Bedroom Chaise Lounge (napping area) and the second for my sweet Car! (It's mainly for Picnics and such) What fun they were to make, the first one was started in a class that Chelsea and I took at Jo-Ann's. It was made with 10" Flannel squares and backed with Denim. For the Binding I used Satin. On the second quilt I used 6" Cotton squares and backed it with Denim, this time binding with Ultrasuede. Oh yes, and the Car Quilt is bigger and really heavy, especially when its wet!

My car is called 'The White Tiger' so I used Black and White with Hot Green!

Here is the first baby. The colors are cream, brown and green.

So what is my next project you ask?? well I go to the quilt stores and am SO overwhelmed....First thing, I do believe I need a NEW Sewing Machine ;-)
I know I need to take some classes, just gotta find the right one. But for now I am making little wallets and purses, I have an Apron cut out and ready to be sewn up. Bought fabric for a flannel bath robe for myself and flannel PJ's for the husband!

Must go Create now !!


  1. LOVE the quilts!! Hey my bday is in Dec..... ;- )

  2. I know what you mean about saying that you are not going to make a quilt, then end up eatting you words later. I have do the same thing. Have you checked out The Quilt Crossing. I have taking a few classed from them, and they have some pretty swank fabric.