Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If Sneezing could kill ya.......

I'd be DEAD today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My allergies are %?@Q$%">#Q#%%$#?#@>%?@Q$% killing me today. I'll admit I was sitting outside earlier, enjoying the awesome weather, (sneezing) and finishing the right front of my striped sweater. The first allergy pill I took, just kinda gave me a little energy to accomplish a few things around the house, but the sneezing and watery eyes were still going strong.

So now I've closed myself in the house, shut all the windows, killed all the flies, turned the air conditioning back on and Popped a different allergy pill !!!

Purl is not bothered by a bloomin thing!!

So I thought I would show you what I see as I am trapped in my house, hoping for relief from the snot gods !!! (sorry, had to say that :)

This one is cool, out in the field on a mound of dirt and weeds, sits Mr. Hearts, looking down on the next poor mouse that will become his play thing !
My cats have the good life, don't they? Sleeping and hunting for sport, earlier a mouse was trapped on the pool cover, trying to jump up six inches to get free.....that was quite entertaining! After jumping up, he would fall into the water, but was able to get right back on the cover. I tried several times to catch him by the tail, but he would get away. So after several dunkings he was starting to slow down and I was able to then scoop him up and put him back on the concrete, where he proceeded to ruuuun like the wind into a nearby bush, only to be spotted by Purl and a new game ensued.
I leave you with one last look of the side yarn....er I mean yard (maybe the new drug is starting to work!)
sniff ya later!!!!!!!

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  1. The striped sweater is looking really snazzy! Ok, ok,I will have my mom and Krista teach me how knit! I mean really, you can do it, right? hehehehe!!!!! xo